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Laura Jean Davis, NTP

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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My name is Laura Jean and I am a nutritional therapist with a passion for traditional wisdom and teaching people how to trust their innate wisdom.

But that wasn’t me at the start of my journey.

I used to think that there was one right way everyone should eat and one right way to exercise. Throughout my twenties and on into my thirties, I tried everything I thought was right... I counted calories, went to the gym, hired personal trainers, joined clubs... I tried to eat "right" and I exercised like a crazy person.

But not much actually worked and what worked didn’t last. 
I kept struggling with weight gain. I kept having issues with my skin that doctors couldn't explain. I kept having irregular menstrual cycles, and I could feel my energy and my brain power waning…

But when my first kid was born, I realized real quick that my health endeavors weren't just about the way I looked or even how I felt anymore. Now someone else was depending on me. I knew I didn’t want my kids to have to fight their bodies like I did. And I REALLY didn’t want sickness and disease to take over our future like it does so many families.

So I went on a quest to figure out the truth, and honestly, what I discovered surprised me.

Through years of research, self-experimenting, and finally becoming a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, I discovered that eating right is NOT a one-size fits all thing, and the key to lasting change is to follow your God-given intuition and learn how YOUR body functions best.

The truth is, we all have a health expert within us. We’ve just been trained by the “experts” not to trust it. That’s a fact. I'm here to not only help you reverse that damage and achieve optimal health yourself, but educate you on how to set your whole family up for lifelong health success. 

Today, my skin is healthy and soft. My cycles are spot on—even to the day! All that weight I carried around for more than a decade is finally melting away. Can I just say? I’m a whole new woman today than I was  back then. 

If that is something you need... if you're ready to crack YOUR body's health code and finally feel better, look better and live better... today is your day and I'm ready to help you every step of the way. 

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80 Garden Center Ste. 166, Broomfield, CO 80020

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