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Heal Thy Body.

Unleash the health expert within.


We are all born with strong, God-given senses of creativity, intuition, curiosity and imagination. But over the course of our lives, through schooling, corporate America and mass media, we are conditioned to believe there is only one right answer to most all questions in life.

(Oh, and you'll need to tune in at 5 o'clock to find out what those are.)

As a result of this tragic process, our inquisitive and intuitive nature is silenced, and the collective people are dumber for it. A sad day.

We fight this concept as children. We experiment, challenge, ask questions that adults think are silly. Even so, we eventually come to accept that the "experts" out there have a level of understanding that we do not, and we subsequently surrender our brains to them.

Which is great if we're talking about neurosurgeons.

But when we're trying to figure out the basics on how to nourish our bodies and our minds, or when we're contemplating the meaning of life and why we exist, we have an innate ability to discover the truth.

It might take some effort to revive your creative, intuitive, curious, imaginative self... A willingness to unlearn and then relearn some things. But your mind, body and spirit are depending on you.

So what will you do? It's time to surrender your preconceived ideas.

To check your "education" at the door. To get out in nature, be still and let yourself think in silence. To ask the Maker what He thinks.

If you do, you may soon find yourself enlightened in a way you never knew possible.  


Who am I and why should you care?

My name is Laura Jean Davis, and I believe we're all born with a MAD sense of INTUITION. As an avid researcher and health educator, my goal is to inform, inspire and empower you toward unleashing your inner health expert. What you're about to learn as you begin this journey is that everything you need to know to thrive is already in your pocket...You just have to dig deep. And of course, cut out all that obnoxious, chaotic noise within the health space. (Dude! Can we just?!?) So that's where I come in... Are you ready to make THE health change in your life that will literally change everything? Well then, let's get started.


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